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Learning English from Scratch: Where to Start Learning English?

Learning English from Scratch: Where to Start Learning English?

Learning English from Scratch: Where to Start Learning English?

We are asked questions such as how to learn English from scratch, where to start learning English, or what I want to learn step by step, what to do.

For this reason, I will share with you this step-by-step method of learning English, which we have been working on for years and successfully used by our students. It may be a bit long, but it will be a useful topic in your life that will affect your way of learning English.

Roadmap for learning English from scratch

This article can change your life, because maybe for the first time English will not be a language to be feared, it will be new doors that will open for you.

Every day we receive information from people who do not reach their goals because they do not know English. If you don't know English, you don't have a job, if you don't know English, you don't study abroad, if you don't speak English, the problem is big.

We believe that everyone will be able to speak English fluently, that international competition and quality workers and innovations will increase, and that this will bring billions of dollars to our country. It turns from a personal issue that we have described into a country issue. For this reason, the problems need to be solved, and therefore we are doing our part.

Why Can't You Learn English?

As a company that teaches English to hundreds of students - the British Center, we will show you 3 main reasons to learn English. When you overcome these 3 main problems, there will be no problem between you and the English language.

The reason you can't learn English is a system problem. If we say system, let's explain what we mean. We clarified this in the issues we worked with our students. Students do not know what, how and in what order they will learn. Here I will talk about a key topic that you may never have thought of. Sequence, Sorting, and what is learned in what order are very important in a language learning method.

Why is the series important when learning English?

Queue has a great place in our lives. The problem is that when we are children, we crawl, then we walk, or we say words first, and then we learn to build sentences. Have you ever seen a child start to compose a complete sentence without saying mother or father? Recipes are another example of the importance of order. Learning English can look like cooking. What if you change row number 2 to row number 6 in recipes, or you end up with what needs to be done first? The result will be inedible food. This is the problem of most English language students. Start learning a language with the wrong recipe. Proper cooking cannot be done with the wrong recipe. Therefore, I will tell you what and in what order you will learn.

Not knowing what to learn.

For example, 90 out of 100 students will learn how to read, how to learn words, how to develop listening skills. does not know how writing will work, what to do to improve speaking. Even if you don't know them, you can waste years. 1 year 5 years student learns English but is less effective.

Roll the ball and take it to the mountain

I tell our students to learn English, to roll the ball and take it to the mountains. Why? because if you leave, it goes back quickly. If you are serious about learning English, you will achieve your goal by studying English every day. If you study for 1 month and do not study for 1 month, you will forget what you learned before.

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