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Children learn English at an early age!

Children learn English at an early age!

The language skills of children learning English at an early age are increasing. The main component of a foreign language learned in childhood is healthy and lasting. Learning a foreign language as a child is very important for getting to know the cultures and people of different countries early and adapting early to the globalizing world.

The British Center's Ahmadli office, like its office in Caspian Plaza, teaches English to newborns. The main goal of teaching English is to highlight the mechanism of creativity and expression in students. Another goal is for foreign teachers to be able to use English in their daily lives to the best of their ability and to use the language they have learned in spoken English in the most effective way.

British Center aims to provide students with the following language skills:

- To take more active part in English language classes at the school where he studied

- Explain your thoughts to the person in front of you

- Write for different purposes

- To understand the cartoons he watches more meaningfully

Dear parents,

If you want your children to speak English at an early age, you can contact the Ahmadli office of the Unity Center English courses and the Caspian office. Contact information

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