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5 importance of learning English as a child

5 importance of learning English as a child

Many parents understand the importance of learning English, but do not see it as a priority, even though it is a source of opportunity for their children. The benefits of learning English from childhood are known as follows.

According to Joan Kelly Hall and William G. Eggington's book, The Sociopolitics of English Language Teaching, "People who speak English gain a concrete economic advantage." And that's why we're making this list to show all parents the great benefits. Advantages of learning English for children:

1. High job opportunities

Learning another language improves your chances of getting a good job by 44 percent.

2. Loss of stage fear

Children do not have prejudices and learn without fear, so learning English allows them to be ready to look to the future.

3. Allows your child access to a globalized world

Increases your child's interest in other cultures by nourishing their individual growth.

4. Positive impact on health

- Increases attention

- Allows the child to do several things at once

- Increases memory

5. Learn faster

By the age of 3, our brain acquires the highest elasticity, increases its ability to learn a new language, and opens new doors to understand the world.

Our advice to parents is that they can benefit from the programs we have prepared for children

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