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I understand English, but I can't speak ..,

I understand English, but I can't speak ..,

I understand English, but I can't speak it.

You have either used this phrase too much or heard it: I understand English but I can't speak it. There are really many people around us who are in this situation. The reason for this is not difficult to guess: the classical English teaching methods used in schools.

What do you do to speak good English? What do you do to better understand fast English conversations? How do you learn to speak English more confidently, fluently and fluently?

Applying it correctly is the pinnacle of successful English speaking. You need to speak more to speak good English. To better understand English conversations, you need to listen more. This is a topic that most English teachers are not aware of. They want you to learn by heart.

Especially in the beginning, it is necessary to learn English grammar without overdosing. But it is important to remember that learning English is not about learning grammar. You can't speak fluent English by being taught textbooks and grammar. You can only do this by talking. This means using English. In fact, using English is an experience. This will make you speak English much better. Just like you learned to ride a bike.

Now, let's talk about how to learn English. Applying English means using it. That is, to read, write, listen and speak. Classical methods, the most important of which, unfortunately, do not give the importance of "listening" and "speaking", so there are more people who say I understand English but can not speak.

To learn English better, you need to join an English language center!


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